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KMC was established in 1954 and expanded into KMU in 1999.





Kaohsiung Medical College
(16th Oct. 1954)

Kaohsiung  Medical University
(1st Aug. 1999)


Kaohsiung Medical University (originally known as Kaohsiung Medical College ) was formally established in 1954. Apart from being the first private medical university in , the university has also become an important cradle for highly-skilled physicians and medical-related specialists. Kaohsiung Medical University was a center of both medical care and the study of local tropical medicine in the early days. The colleges set aside its tropical disease research mission after the World Health Organization announced that was no longer a tropical disease endemic area, and turned its full attention to the steadily evolving areas of basic medical science and clinical medical research. The university has also continued to strengthen its medical services. Kaohsiung Medical University therefore has laid a solid foundation as southern 's leading medical institution.After Kaohsiung Medical College became a university in the summer of 1999, it seized this opportunity to move faster and further and attain to the highest standards in teaching, research and service. The shared vision of everyone at Kaohsiung Medical University is to make the university a modern, forward-looking institution striving for excellence in both academics and medical care. Kaohsiung Medical University has all the strengths of a well-established university. There is a wide range of medical related courses, and the facilities both for basic and clinical research are sufficient and of a good quality. The University is located in city center of Kaohsiung, the second biggest city in , which has all the attractions and excitement of city life.

Current Status

Kaohsiung Medical College received permission from the Ministry of Education to change its name to " Kaohsiung Medical University " in August 1999. The university consists of six colleges: the College of Medicine , the College of Dentistry , the College of Pharmacy , the College of Nursing , the College of Health Science , and the College of Life Sciences since then. Kaohsiung Medical University celebrated its first half-century anniversary in 2004. As Southern Taiwan 's foremost center of medical education and treatment, the university has received ratings of "superior" in all categories after evaluation under the Ministry of   Education's evaluation of "Mid-term School Administration Development Plan". All departments and graduate institutes (44 programs ) were accredited by Higher Education and Accreditation Council, Ministry of Education, in 2009.

KMU was founfed by the social elites at the time. The Key person for
this event include Mr. Chen, the city major of Kaohsiung,and Prof.Tu
a physician the 1st Taiwanese ever to earn a PhD degree



Mr. Frank C.Chen
The 1st and 3rd Chairman of
KMU Board of Trustees
BS,Faculty of Economics
Keio University

Prof. Tsung-Ming Tu.M.D.
Taiwan's 1st PhD.,
PhD.,Faculty of Medical Kyoto


Professor Ching-Kuan Liu, the sixth President, is a renowned neurologist and is also an expert in the research of Alzheimers disease. He finished all his university, graduate and M.D. Ph.D. courses at Kaohsiung Medical University (formerly Kaohsiung Medical College) and had great performance in profession. As to his professional and executive experience, President Liu had been in many key positions, e.g. the Superintendent of Kaohsiung Municipal Hsiao-Kang Hospital and the Vice-superintendent of Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital, to strengthen himself and to take lead ahead of numerous universities in Taiwan. President Ching-Kuan Liu proposed “ILKMU”, acronym for Innovation, Legislation, Knowledge, Mission,University”, as his principles to apply eagerly in Kaohsiung Medical University.

The missions of our school include Providing 1.Education,2.Research

3.Service in Medicine and medical-related fields.








Brief History

Originally known as " Kaohsiung Medical College ", Kaohsiung Medical University was founded in 1954 by former Kaohsiung Mayor Frank C. Chuan, who donated land for the college site and Prof. Tu Tsung Ming, 's first Doctor of Medicine. Located in Kaohsiung, southern 's urban heart, the college is the first private institution. Prof. Tu, the first college president, built up the school in line with his philosophy of "Enjoying learning, Prioritizing Research", and "Resolutely striving for progress, encouraging study, and contributing to the world." Thanks to the efforts of his high-minded and hard-working colleagues, Prof. Tu transformed Kaohsiung Medical College into a major center for medical sciences in Southern Taiwan . The college hospital was founded in June 1957. Currently " Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital " has become southern 's largest medical center, safeguarding the health of the region's residents while fulfilling its three-fold mission of teaching, research, and service. In 1998, the college signed an agreement with the Kaohsiung Municipal Government, allowing it to assume managing Hsiao-kang Hospital , which has since then continued to provide medical treatment and community health services. The university has shouldered the four tasks of teaching, research, medical care, and service for more than 50 years.

Future Prospects

After its first half-century, Kaohsiung Medical University is sparing no effort on keeping pace with international pace. Our aim is to raise the status of Kaohsiung Medical University as a leading institution of teaching, research and medical service and then come up to one of the research-oriented University in by fulfilling President Hsin-Su Yu’s ideal of “Teaching Excellence, Innovative Research, Quality Humanism and Social Caring”.

Governing Ideals





  •  Teaching Excellence


  •  Research Innovation


  •  Quality Humanism


  •  Social Caring












A medical university to maintain and promote human health and well-being




  • Emphasize both teaching excellence and research innovation


  •  Integrate cutting-edge medical sciences into health services


  •  Establish a world-recognized and distinguished medical univers

Educational Policy

Being the most prestigious institution of medical education in southern Taiwan, Kaohsiung Medical University needs to further recruiting leading experts, establishing advanced medical education system, improving teaching resources, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration in research and inspiring young faculty for research in order to reach our terminal goal on medical education .

Educational Goal

Kaohsiung Medical University has taken up the responsibility of training medical-related students with full-fledged knowledge, skills and competency since we were established. Based on these principles, we develop and promote the advancement of science; to undertake fundamental, strategic and applied research; to bild up research on local subjects; to care for underprivileged groups; and to participate in local, regional, national and international medical services. In the undertaking of the above missions, it is our goal to fulfill social duties that the society expects us to do in teaching, research and services.