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The Student-Faculty Ratio
The student to faculty ratio can serve as an indicator showing the commitment of a
university to its education. KMU has an overall student faculty ratio of 13.1 and in college
of Medicine 7.8 ,which is in good standing comparing to other universities in Taiwan
averaging 25to1.


Core Literacy for Students in KMU
In KMU, we stress five core literacy for every student attending our school.
Awards from Ministry of EducationTeaching Excellence Project(2007-2016)
Due to our efforts to strive for better education, our school received an award from
the Ministry of Education, "The Teaching Excellence Project", The 5 major objectives
of this project
 image Emphasize on both professional and liberal arts education
 image Trace and monitor the learning effectiveness of students
image Create index of teaching to enhance faculty’s teaching performance
image Cultivate professionals in health care
image Assist universities/colleges in neighborhood to promote teaching quality
International-standard Accreditation-
Assessment of Medical Education in Taiwan
image Taiwan Medical Accreditation Council(TMAC) was founded in 2000
image National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation(NCFMEA)had approved TMAC'S accreditation standards for medical school in Taiwan as well as programs leading to the M.D. degree in the United States(U.S.)in March,2002
image KMU was inspected in 2005 and passed the assessment.