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College of Medicine
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Future Directions
1. We continuously update our instruction to keep pace with the changing medical environment, and cultivate physicians who are both skilled and principled by strengthening courses in general education, medical literature and humanities, and medical ethics. 2. Important new biomedical knowledge will be integrated into our courses and applied to the practice of clinical medicine.
We will establish an faculty development center to refine our instructors' teaching skills and improve instructional quality.
4. PBL and OSCE instruction will be strengthened to enhance students' communication skills and basic clinical abilities.
5. We will strengthen interdisciplinary courses and research integration to promote the continued growth of our instructors and physicians.
6. Cooperating with domestic and foreign medical education institutions and hosting and parernational medical conferences will enhance our international reputation and improve the quality of instruction, research, and medical care.

Developmental Focal Points
1. Local Concerns
Sound holistic education will produce highly-trained medical and sports medicine personnel who share common principles, are widely knowledgeable, highly skilled, good at communication, and mindful of medical ethics.

2. Serving Society
We will improve the quality of health care and participate in the planning and implementation of enhancing the quality of our medical service and biomedical research, we will strive to apply new biomedical knowledge to clinical practice and raise the general standard of public health by encouraging the nation's citizens to participate in sports.

3. Global Outlook
We see exchange and cooperation with domestic and foreign medical centers as a means of enhancing our international reputation and improving the quality of our teaching, research, medicine, and service.

4. Outstanding
National colleges of medicine will serve as friendly critics and models. We will strive to exceed international standards in key areas of teaching, research, and medical care, and transform ourselves into one of the most respected medical centers in the Asia-Pacific region.

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